Monday, November 14, 2011

Story from Joe in Durham...
I found their ad on Craigslist which implied that I could buy a Simmon's Beautyrest Queen mattress for $187. Turns out this was too good to be true. They wouldn't honor that when I got into the store. They also wouldn't honor their same day delivery policy, even though the mattress I ended up buying was in stock.
The next day, I felt uncomfortable with the whole process and went back into the store to get a refund. My mattress was still not going to be delivered for another day, so there shouldn't have been a problem reversing the credit card charge. No merchandise had changed hands. Much to my surprise, however, they refused to refund me, and instead told me that the company could cut me a check if I wanted, but that would take 14 days. Then the guy informed me that the warranty they quoted me on the mattress I did buy was a lie. It was actually much less....less warranty,  less mattress quality.
Stay clear of these guys....they are a shady bunch.

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